About our club

“Committed to improving the standard of our riding and the welfare of our horses…”

Just Riding Incorporated is a club based in Gippsland that caters for riders who are keen to compete within the HRCAV framework but do not have the time or the need to attend club rallies. Our members attend regular lessons and clinics with their own instructors and prefer to commit their funds and efforts into their own training plans and properties rather than into club grounds or subsidised lessons. However we encourage all of our members to volunteer at other clubs who do run competitions as we are keenly aware that without the efforts of grounds-based clubs there would be no HRCAV.

We have tried to keep the club fee as minimal as possible, and also to create a really social evening around the quarterly meetings which are open to all members to attend. We also have a couple of social evenings during the year that have proved to be exceptionally enjoyable even for our non-horsey partners! The club membership fee is only $20 per year (HRCAV fees are extra).

Members are welcome from anywhere – there is no requirement to attend meetings or rallies. Social members are also encouraged – our meetings are largely just wine and cheese evenings interrupted by a half hour of business.

Our uniform colours are Navy and Grey with White as an optional trim colour.  Further information and membership forms are available – use the contact form on the Contact Us page.