About Us:

Our club was started as it seemed we were always the workers at working bees and the stalwart committee members but somehow never seemed to be able to get to rallies for one reason or another. We still paid the decent sized membership/grounds fees as well as clinic and lesson fees for our own instructors and eventually it all just got too much.

So, we don’t have grounds or run rallies, clinics or competitions, but we do have great social nights!!! And the support for each other from within the club is wonderful – it doesn’t matter what level you ride at or what discipline you are into we welcome you equally … we have a fair few social members too who just come for the wine and a chat.

We do encourage all members to volunteer either at the competitions that they attend or at TTT events etc.  Just remember – if all the clubs were like ours there wouldn’t be ANY competitions to attend – so please don’t hesitate to give back to HRCAV and other clubs in any way you can.


What are the club fees?

The Club fee is $20 per year across all memberships.  There is a first-time joining fee of $20 which will also apply to late renewals after 31st December each year. Add these to the HRCAV fees/insurance (this year – 2017/2018 – the Senior Riding membership is $125). These costs for all membership categories can be found on the HRCAV website. The first time joining fee does not apply to the Social membership.

As an example – a new member joining with a Snr Riding membership this year will be $20 (club fee) + $20 (first time joining fee) + $125 (HRCAV/Insurance) = $165.00.


What membership categories do you have?

Senior Riding, Junior Riding, Associate (ie second club membership), Non-Riding (has an insurance and HRCAV fee component) and Social (club membership only – for those who enjoy keeping in touch).


Do you have a membership cap?

Yes, we do – we have set the cap at 75 and currently have around 55 members.  However the club is growing rapidly this year and we expect to reach the cap within the next year or two.  At renewal time (1st November) priority will be given to renewing members until 30th November and then any remaining spots will be on a first paid basis.  If you join then please keep this in mind as we edge closer to the cap 😊!  When this happens the renewal information will include a reminder.

Who can join?

Anyone from any area subject to approval from the committee.  As per our constitution we reserve the right to reject memberships (new or renewals) without having to give a reason or explanation, and payment of the fee does not mean that your membership has been accepted.

There is no age limit and it doesn’t matter where you live either.  What does matter is that you represent the club to the very best of your ability keeping in mind the club aims as set out here:

  • To create a network of supportive, friendly and dedicated riders who are all committed to improving their standard of riding and to the welfare of their horses.
  • To supply to members, at minimum cost and bureaucracy, the means to join the HRCAV in order to train and compete within the Association.
  • To promote and support the objectives of the HRCAV.

So far we have not rejected a membership – that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.  Unsportsmanlike behaviour, horse abuse (in any form including poor condition) and not wearing the correct uniform are all things that could trigger this possibility.  If you come to the attention of the committee for the wrong reason then we will definitely act.


Can I order Chaff Chat anytime?

No – we will only process Chaff Chat requests (with memberships) during October and November (so the full year of Chaff Chat). Membership applications made after 30th November should not include Chaff Chat subscriptions (they won’t be processed if they do) – please contact the HRCAV office to order copies for the remainder of the year.


How do I join?

There are two slightly different processes depending on whether you have an HRCAV membership card that needs stamping or not.

If you are a brand new member, or a returning member who cannot locate your green membership card:

  1. Fill out the forms – JRI membership form & HRCAV disclaimer (which has two pages and MUST be signed on page 2).
  2. Pay the required fees. Bank account details are on the membership form at the bottom.  You can still send a cheque or pay cash (but only if you bring the cash to us at a meeting or a pre-arranged time/place).  Bank deposit is much preferred 😊.
  3. Scan and email membership@justriding.org.au  or post the forms to PO Box 747 Warragul 3820).
  4. We will process the membership electronically with HRCAV (once we receive your fees & forms) and contact you asap if there are any issues. Replacement membership cards sometimes need to be paid for or we might need further information if you haven’t provided your HRCAV membership number (if you had one).
  5. HRCAV will post back your card(s) to us by snail mail and this can take a couple of weeks at least. See appropriate subject below if you need your cards in a hurry!
  6. We will then post out your card(s) (snail mail again). Don’t forget to fill them in.

If you are joining and you already have a green HRCAV card:

There is an extra step … you need to get your card stamped as validation of your membership.  See the next subject 😊!


How do I arrange to get my card stamped?

The short answer is that you need to get the card to us.  Post is the easiest – we recommend using Express Post envelopes as they are trackable, fast and reliable.  You will need to enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope (Express Post also preferred) for the card to be returned.

We are also happy to stamp cards at meetings, the AGM or at social functions by arrangement (and before the drinks start to flow 😊).  Other arrangements can be made to meet you in Warragul or Drouin but please note that both office bearers work fulltime so you have to come to us and not vice versa.  Call or email if you have an issue.

As you should already have a “Club (insured with)” on the card you will just put a line through the previous club name on the front and write in Just Riding Inc above or below as your insured club.  NO WHITEOUT – this makes your card invalid. If you are joining as an Associate (second club) then put Just Riding Inc on the “Membership of Other Clubs” lines.


Help!  I have a show in two weeks – what can I do?

FIRST – make sure we know this when you send in your forms and we will do our very best to expedite the processing of your membership.  SECOND – get your card to us for stamping asap as above.  If you are getting a new card then we ask HRCAV to send it out as quickly as possible and we will Express Post it to you (this is a once-off thing and only for new cards).  Please do not send in your membership then call a week later saying you need your cards for the following weekend as it is not going to happen 😊.


I need another set of discipline cards – can you get them for me?

No – If you need extra or replacement discipline cards please contact the HRCAV office direct. Remember each horse needs its own set of cards.  The order form is on the HRCAV website and can be completed and emailed to their office.


There are only a few months of the year left – do I have to pay full fees?

As of the 1st August each year the HRCAV component of the membership fees is halved –  the insurance stays the same and our club fees still apply in full. Please contact us to confirm the correct amount if joining after 1st August in any year.

What is the Club uniform?  

Our club colours are Navy and Grey with White as a trim option.  We do not currently have a set uniform.  The HRCAV rules state “the main Club Colours must be worn on the upper body” so that means navy and grey on your arms and body.  The Uniform Policy document has been provided along with this information and it provides lots of examples.  Please ensure that you read the Uniform Policy and contact us if you have any queries.  Note that HRCAV are proposing a rule amendment that states “Riders should be neatly attired in Club Colours for award presentations”.

Logos and badges are also covered in the policy document and can be ordered at any time from us.  Note that at all Official competitions you MUST have the Club logo either on your upper body clothing or on your saddle blanket.  These can be embroidered on (provided the fabric is suitable) or pinned/sewn/velcroed on badges.


Can I attend the meetings?  Or do I have to attend the meetings?

As a member you will receive invites to all the meetings (four per year plus the AGM) which are more social nights as we don’t have a lot to discuss other than organising functions or TTT entries. You will also be invited to the two regular social functions (Xmas in July and Christmas) but you don’t need to attend anything at all. How much you are involved is up to you however it is nice to get an occasional response so we know you are receiving everything.


Do you have a Facebook page?

We do have a Facebook page which is a closed page only visible to financial members.  Please email the secretary for details on how to link up to the Facebook page.



It is well worth having a look through the HRCAV website and making sure that you are familiar with the rules for your discipline as well as the general rules.  A list of Level Assessors can be found on the Officials page and all the dressage tests can be downloaded too.


If you choose to join Just Riding Inc then Welcome!  You will be added to the club email address book for all future mailings.  Any other questions please get in touch 😊.