Our Aims:

To create a network of supportive, friendly and dedicated riders who are all committed to improving their standard of riding and to the welfare of their horses.

To supply to members, at minimum cost and bureaucracy, the means to join the HRCAV in order to train and compete within the Association.

To promote and support the objectives of the HRCAV.

Please note: this is an APPLICATION for Membership – your Membership is not valid until your application has been accepted by the Committee.  Payment of the fee Does Not mean your membership application has been accepted.  All membership applications will be processed as per the Model Rules i.e. considered as soon as practicable by the Committee and either approved or rejected.  Applicants will be notified of a rejection in writing; fees paid for rejected applications will be returned.  As per the Model Rules, the Committee reserves the right to reject an application without supply the reason and will not enter any discussion regarding rejected applications.


Membership & HRCAV Disclaimer 2022/2023


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Just Riding Inc Uniform Policy September 2018