JUST RIDING INC Uniform Policy

We have tried to answer all the questions that we usually get asked so please read all the way through before contacting us with a uniform query.  We have tried to remain flexible so that members can dress up or down as they wish.  In return we would appreciate members making the effort to put together an outfit in the correct colours.  If you want something simple that you can wear anywhere and to any type of event, then the cotton shirt or polo shirt from the Nitro range (see the last page) comes in mens and ladies versions, won’t break the bank and looks great.

What are our Club Colours?

Just Riding Inc’s Registered Club Colours are NAVY and GREY, with White as an optional trim colour. Trim being piping, collar and cuff, dots/spots, pinstripes or edging, stock/tie.  Navy and white with a grey/silver trim is NOT club uniform.

The wearing of a white shirt will no longer be an acceptable option from 1st November 2018 – shirts are to be navy or grey (collars, cuffs, stripes and patterns in white are acceptable).

What are the Rules regarding wearing Club Colours?

“Registered Club Colours must be worn at official events.  Club Colours must be worn on the rider’s upper body with the Club name or logo displayed on the upper body garment and/or saddle blanket.  The requirement to display the Club name or logo is waived for Led classes. All Clubs whose members wish to compete at official events must register two main colours. The main colours are to be used as the principal colour/s of the uniform and may be interchanged.  At the discretion of the Club, other colours may be used in trimming, logos or similar embellishments.”

Subject to rule 9.2, a neutral or light coloured shirt or saddle blanket (not registered as a club colour) may be worn as part of the uniform. In hot weather, the Ground Jury may allow competitors to remove outer layers of clothing and ride in shirt sleeves. If a riding vest is worn, the length of the vest must not extend past the buttocks. Shirts/skivvies worn under a vest must be of a contrasting colour.

“Hacking/riding jackets or any items of clothing designed to replicate a hacking/riding jacket are not permitted to be worn at official events. “

“9.2 It is every Club’s responsibility to ensure that their members present themselves as neatly and professionally as possible.  It is recommended that each Club have specific rules as to what they will allow their members to wear when representing their Club at official events.”

Does Just Riding have a specific Uniform?

Not yet!  As mentioned at the start – we have tried to remain flexible so that members can dress up or down as they wish.  Some people like wearing a polo shirt and others prefer a shirt/vest/stock combination.  We would just appreciate you looking smart and clean in the right colour combination.  Scroll down for lots of options.

What colour breeches or jodphurs can I wear?

Technically any colour.  However, they would look best in White, Grey or Navy to match in with the rest of your outfit.  There are plenty of styles out there and some have contrasting seats of grey or navy.

What colour/style saddle blanket can I use?

Saddle blankets should be in at least one of the Club Colours, ie White, Navy or Grey with optional trim in either or both of the other colours.  Any style that is suitable for competition is fine so if it has sheepskin or binding or decoration no problem – just stick to the colours.  Again – scroll down for options.

Do I have to get the shirt/vest/saddle blanket embroidered?

No – we have two versions of the club logo available as badges that you can stitch on, pin on, Velcro on, or attach in any way you like.  Cost is $10.00 for standard post or $7 extra for express post.  You can also arrange to pick them up from Warragul, Darnum or Drouin or at any club meeting.

This one is suitable for using on your shirt or vest. You can see I have photographed it on a membership card to give you an idea of size. If this still feels too big we can easily have some made up a bit smaller.
This one is a little larger and is best suited to using on the saddle blanket.  I stitch mine on with just a few loops at each point and take it off when washing the pad.  It only takes a couple of minutes and avoids that awful look of the badge shrinking up and getting wrinkly.  I tried press studs but way too fiddly.

Where can I get my shirt/vest/saddle blanket embroidered?

Our embroidery design is held at Hip Pocket Workwear in Warragul and no, we cannot send it elsewhere.  They are very helpful and will happily arrange to post if necessary.  Not all saddle blankets are suitable for embroidery so check first.  Scroll down for examples of shirts, caps, vests and jackets that have been embroidered rather than having badges.

Contact details: https://www.hippocketworkwear.com.au/warragul

Where can I get buy my uniform?

Pretty much anywhere.  Saddlery stores, workwear clothing stores, at horse events, online, Facebook, Equitana (personal favourite!!!) and ask your friends or other club members via the Facebook page or at events.  The Nitro range is a workwear range from Biz Collection so you will find it available at almost any workwear store although you may need to order it in.  Sensibly priced, wears and washes incredibly well (especially the cotton shirt which looks just fabulous) and has a wide range of sizes and both mens and ladies options.  For the complete range and sizing see:


There is a great polo shirt range from Infinity Cottage too:


It can be ordered in navy with grey side panels and white or grey trims, just navy with grey trims or grey with navy trims, or grey with navy side panels and white trims etc.  Short sleeve or long, ratcatcher or tie/stock collar, there are endless variations.

The Dancing Horse at Garfield either stocks or can source most things for you too – as a financial member you are able to get a 10% discount on all full priced items and 15% off the HKM saddle blanket pictured below.

Just follow the rules and have club colours on the upper body (grey shirt with a navy vest or vice versa; navy and grey polo, shirt or jumper).

A navy vest with a silver grey satin back would look great for showing.  Plenty of places do custom vests too so you can add the grey into the lapels, the vents, the buttons etc.

Nitro range - Polo shirt

Nitro range - Cotton shirt

Nitro range - Polo

Nitro Range - Cap

Nitro range - Jacket

Nitro range - Polo worn

Nitro range - Button up shirt

LP Designs - Vest

Nitro range - Polo shirt

Heavenly Horse Designs - Stock A

Heavenly Hors Designs - Stock B

Heavenly Hors Designs - Stock C

Heavenly Hors Designs - Stock D

Heavenly Hors Designs - Stock E

Horse in the Box - Outfit

HKM - Breeches

Kingsland - Shirt

Horse in the Box - Vest with large embroidery

Infinity Cottage - Polo

Evelyn Park - Long line navy vest

LP Designs - Custom Design

HKM - Saddle blanket from The Dancing Horse

Ippico - Saddle blanket

Roma - Pad from Horseland

If you have got to here and still have questions, then please email uniform@justriding.org.au